"A life for a life. Save our Streets..."

This is the slogan chanted by a future dystopian society who sit in their homes while texting votes to the programme, Death is Justice - the reality show where criminals are tried and judged by the audience, with a cruel and manipulative female host who’d do anything to keep her show at the top of the TV ratings lists.

In Cell 7 Kerry Drewery has taken the fake morality of the TV shows we watch today and developed that theme into something that is truly chilling. It provides a clever vehicle for this YA thriller mystery as Martha, the girl who has been accused of murdering a beloved celebrity, is locked in a number prison cells. 

The final one, Cell 7, holds the electric chair in which Martha may soon be killed herself ~ unless her innocence is proved and the voters decide to let her live. But just how much are the voters told? As the seven day TV trial goes on, with the clock ticking down to a travesty, we discover the true dramatic events that have led to Martha’s current fate.

Tense, and thought-provoking, and packing a big emotional punch, this novel set in a future world presents disturbing echoes of the worst of the one we know today. 

Published in the UK by Hot Key Books.

Kerry Drewery

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